Structure of the Episcopal Church
Bishop – The Rt. Rev. Douglas Fisher (elected by the Diocesan Convention)
* presides over diocese (Western Massachusetts)
• is assisted by Standing Committee and councils of priests and laypeople.

Diocese (group of parishes)
In a parish:
• the rector (priest) presides over the parish. The rector is elected by the parish, subject to the bishop’s approval.
• the vestry consists of parishioners elected to be the agents and legal representatives of the
parish in matters of property and relations to the clergy.
• the laypeople are also ministers of the Church. They take part in Church services and in its teaching mission.

At St. Christopher’s, our Vestry consists of 5 Officers (Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Clerk,
Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer) and 5 laypeople, all elected at the Annual Meeting.
The Vestry meets monthly excluding July and August.